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A Range of Classic era inspired Scooters

Royal Alloy is the point where Nostalgia is made Real. Inspired to re-create the pure joy of free minded, 2 wheeled escapism by using today’s technology.

From occasional days out to rally life, Royal Alloy has found a home with everyone from enthusiasts to those finding their journeys beginning. Smooth, clean lines that recall the essence of a mis-spent youth, encase engines that beat in tune with todays need for reliable, versatile machines & that turn heads wherever you go.

Royal Alloy exists because of an appetite & passion for classically styled scooters, a passion shared by ever growing numbers of riders wanting the convenience of a modern machine while reflecting an era of rebellion against the system, to stand apart, to forge a different path. From occasional days out to rally life, Royal Alloy has found a home with everyone from enthusiasts to those finding their journeys beginning just as we are, it is just the start, join us in creating a new legacy for those that refuse to follow the crowd.

Royal Alloy GT125 Fleet

Royal Alloy GP200

Top of the Royall Alloy range right now is the GP 200 LC with a liquid cooled engine and metal bodywork. This is as close to a modern vintage touring scooter as you can get. With power to spare it also includes electronic fuel injection, a large fuel tank and a stylish king and queen seat. Safety abounds too with ABS stopping you safely in an emergency and the extra bright dual LED and halogen lightling. If you want to ride with confidence and style, then this is the bike for you.

Pushing the standard envelope of performance from a Liquid Cooled, fuel injected engine has never looked so eye catching, ABS gets you to a stop with confidence leaving the drama to the journey you choose to undertake.

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Royal Alloy Badge Shield

Fun, Funky & Fashionable

So many things in everyday life these days invoke nostalgic feelings, often times the past is viewed with warmness and a forgiveness for limitations of a vehicle.

Royal Alloy brings all the charm of a celebrated golden era to a thoroughly modern machine. You choose the limits, You choose the story, You choose the Scooter for you.

Enjoy the feeling of freedom wherever & whenever you ride, restore a connection to your younger self or forge new memories, experience your chosen environment in a whole new way.

Start anew or rekindle the emotions that real freedom to travel your own path brings.

Royal Alloy Fun Funky & Fashionable
Royal Alloy A Classic British Brand

A Classic British Brand

With it's headquarters based in Northwest England, RA Engineering is perfectly placed to gauge and react to the Great British scootering public's desires.

Our aim is to produce a scooter that reflects a cultural revolution that lives on in those that lived it and those that only now are discovering what scootering is all about.

Royal Alloy is more than just a reminder of what was, we continue to develop and innovate to ensure that no matter the trends that will inevitably come and go, scootering will live on.

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