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About Royal Alloy Classic Scooters

It was early 2017 when news first broke that a new scooter brand was on the horizon, there began a building anticipation that finally came to fruition in January 2018 with the launch of the GT 125 Air Cooled and has been swiftly followed by the ‘Metal Bodied’ GP Series.

Royal Alloy is a quality scooter that brings real value for money to the table while enhancing the experience for the rider.

This range of models takes the retro scooter scene forward with a fresh vision for the mainstream and enthusiast in equal measures. We do this thanks to a solid background in design, development and a proven track record in bringing vehicles successfully to market.

Royal Alloy is poised to shake up the scooter scene with our sleek design and accomplished performance across the range, which sets us apart from the crowd. All this comes at a price that commands attention.

All this comes at a price that commands attention, Royal Alloy, a 'real' classic.

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Fun, Funky & Fashionable

So many things in everyday life these days invoke nostalgic feelings, often times the past is viewed with warmness and a forgiveness for limitations of a vehicle.

Royal Alloy brings all the charm of a celebrated golden era to a thoroughly modern machine. You choose the limits, You choose the story, You choose the Scooter for you.

Enjoy the feeling of freedom wherever & whenever you ride, restore a connection to your younger self or forge new memories, experience your chosen environment in a whole new way.

Start anew or rekindle the emotions that real freedom to travel your own path brings.

A Classic British Brand

With it's headquarters based in Northwest England, RA Engineering is perfectly placed to gauge and react to the Great British scootering public's desires.

Our aim is to produce a scooter that reflects a cultural revolution that lives on in those that lived it and those that only now are discovering what scootering is all about.

Royal Alloy is more than just a reminder of what was, we continue to develop and innovate to ensure that no matter the trends that will inevitably come and go, scootering will live on.

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